08 March, 2013

Have no fear

This blog post will be about death. If you do not want to know, you do not need to read further.

My previous blog post was well received by many, and I am touched by all the good words and support.

Death is a difficult subject, and not everyone thinks it's appropriate to talk about, often because the fear of death.

For me it was important to know. Get to know more about what is coming and how the time before death will be.

Most often you get time to prepare for death when you know that you are seriously ill, and you will feel it in your body that it becomes weaker.

I was afraid of death, but that was before. It was before I learned about what happens when death is coming. Fortunately, I met people who took the time and listened to me and gave me answers about the things I was wondering about. I said I was scared and I wanted to know.
"How is it to die? Will I be in pain? Will it take time?"

Then I got answers, You should not be afraid that it will hurt, because you get medication, and for the most part you will sleep. The body is in a way outside of yourself. And then one is awake sometimes. You do not need food when you die, not intravenously either. There are many families who think that you are starving to death then, but it hurts worse to be nurtured.
But it is important to moisten the mouth and give good oral care. No one knows how long death takes, it can take anywhere from days to weeks.
There is a special tranquility around the dying, and usually one just "fall asleep". And life is over.

"Where shall I be when I die?" many think. In the hospital? Home?
Hospice Lovisenberg is a great place to be staying those last days. They have long and good experience with caring for patients and their loved ones in this phase. And I want to be there when the time comes.

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