09 March, 2013

Do you have a beard?

I did not think that women had a beard, but boy I was wrong.

I've got a beard! I often say that I should let it grow, so I can be Santa next Christmas.

The secret lies in a pill called Medrol, a cortisone / steroid we get, we who have cancer of the head. If you are so unfortunate that you forget to put it in a gelatin capsule, you have a metallic taste in the mouth the rest of the day. Heavy!

The drug is on the WADA doping list, and is probably not used in the sport, because here is revealed, out of the side effects, it is a known phenomenon that the hair grows in the strangest places, and your face will swell. Cool, huh?

Since I find it a little embarrassing to walk around with a beard, it was now time to remove it. Again. I found a cream that is quite gentle on the skin. An affordable, pink box from Vita, "Andrea Visage Clair - Gentle hair remover for the face." In the picture you can see how beautiful you have to be in 8 minutes while the cream works. Gorgeous!

But if you need a Santa, so remember to speak out in good time, because this beard does not grow very fast.

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