11 March, 2013

Trial by time

Once more there is a «then the day has come». This time it will be longer to wait.

Not only contrast fluid.
Today it was time for CT of lungs, abdomen and pelvis again. I have become accustomed to this examination, and it usually goes smoothly.

The examination itself is over in minutes, but it is what I have to do first that I don't fancy. I have to drink one liter of water in the course of an hour. And I just hate water served in a plastic mug and a disposable plastic cup.

At home, we are spoiled with good water. The water at Ullevaal does not taste good. Usually it is too warm, and I only water when it's freezing cold. As a rule, I manage to squeeze in my 7 dl, and that's accepted.

Then I'm called in for the CT scan, but first I must have an intravenous cannula for contrast fluid. It is not always easy, and there are only a few who manage to get it right at once. Today it went right at the second attempt, and then the whole scan was done within 5 minutes.

Now it is time for waiting. That's the worst thing about the whole thing. Why do I have to wait for many days on the outcome? And this time I'm a little extra "lucky". For 11 days I have to wait. The patience is put to pretty tough tests, especially this time. I do want to know now if the medication has worked. I want answers now. I just hope that the days up to 22 March goes fast.

I have no sense of whether it will be good or bad news, but I of course hope that for once, I might get a happy message.

Otherwise, I got some exercise today. After I had been at Ullevaal, my husband and daughter's had to go to the doctor. Then I could take a walk outside. It was a little scary, too many sidewalks are just slippery ice, but luckily I managed to stay on my feet.

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