14 March, 2013

All that is left

Have you thought through everything? Are you comfortable with the economy and insurances? And you know what happens when you are gone?

Not everyone thinks about the importance of insurance and how important they are for yourself and for those you leave behind.

I did not think about insurances, except house and home insurance. When my husband and I refinanced our mortgage, the bank wanted to talk to us about insurance, and we signed life insurance, accident insurance and disability insurance. Lucky for us, because a year and a half later I was sick.

And now I get my disability insurance money each month. When I'm gone, my husband gets the life insurance money. It's good for me to know that the family will not be left penniless.

What many do not know is that the heirs also inherit debt. Student loans are the only debt that is automatically deleted [in Norway] and no one inherit it. It is important to ensure that those left behind do not inherit additional sorrows.

A life insurance policy that covers half of the mortgage loan and then some may be what is needed for the family to manage to live on. It's scary that sheer luck makes the whole difference between haphazard and the certainty that they can keep their home and their own income.

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