20 March, 2013

Tough Hope

What to say? One step closer to death? Or still one more possibility remains.

Red chemotherapy is always "fun".
We all had probably hoped that Afinitor / Aromasin should help and give me a little more time, but it has not helped at all. In fact, the tumors in my liver has only grown, and new ones have emerged.

It's tough getting messages like these time and time again, but I've gotten used to it, if one can put it that way.

Now the doctor has one last card in his hand, Doxorubicin. A weekly chemotherapy reminiscent of Fec. So now we hope that it works. If the side effects is too much for me, it stops. I can only hope.

I got myself an extra stay at Ullevaal Hospital. On Tuesday morning when I woke up and would get ready to go to Lovisenberg, I Became acutely ill. I just threw up all the time. I soon became weak and could not do anything.

I was more or less unconscious and could not make myself understood. I had to go to hospital to get intravenous fluids. And I got better pretty quickly.

The last few days I have also had a pressure in my head, and I have had severe headaches. I even thought that I had sinusitis, and CT of the sinuses and head showed a severe infection, so now I have also started on antibiotics.

I got the first dose of chemo today, soon after the decision was made. I was still in good shape afterwards, so I was allowed to go home. It was good to come home again. For whatever happens, it's best to stay home.

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