22 March, 2013


Then the new chemo have worked in my body for some days, and I have not felt anything from it before this day.
Will it be the last Easter?

My body felt a bit heavy when I went to bed yesterday, and when I woke up today I had severe muscle and joint pain. Not what I wanted most today.

I had plans for a nice shower before my physical therapy today, but I just had to lie in bed and wait for the treatment. Luckily I managed to get rid of the pain using Panodil and only a little morphine, so it is livable. If I don't get more problems than this I will probably endure this treatment.

Otherwise, we are in the process of decorating for Easter. Trying to make it nice and a great memory. I think probably this is my last Easter.

It's a little tough when the doctor started talking about the rest of my life in terms of months, and that if there was something I would have done, I must do it now and not wait too long. I was a little scared, but I do not intend to give up so easily.

I think I probably have a bit more time to live, and of course we all hope that this new chemo will give me extra time. For a great summer I will have. And that I will enjoy.

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