01 April, 2013

Fighting uncertainty

It could have been worse. It will get worse. Worst of all is uncertainty.

One day at a time, that's the way my life is now. I can not promise that I will be better tomorrow so I can do what I could not get done today.

Sad it is that it should be like this now, because I had been looking forward to a spring and a summer when I should be full of energy and finally get things done that have had to wait all Winter. It is not certain that it needs to be like this, so I take one day at a time.

I'm here at Lovisenberg a while longer. I have not yet gotten control of my pain. When some pains are gone, new ones pop up.

The last few days it has gotten more heavy to breathe, and I get Fragmin injection to prevent blood clots in the lungs, as a preventive until I have taken CT of the lungs, probably tomorrow.

I think a lot of the week to come. Thursday is approaching very fast, and it is intended that I should have the next dose chemotherapy. I get great support here on Lovisenberg, and I've been told that I will not have to take the big choice alone. Everything will be discussed thoroughly, and the important thing is that I will not be in pain. I am so happy for the great care I get.

Today I also had a visit from my family. It was good to see everyone again, even if it's not so long ago we were all together. I notice that I get tired more quickly than before. It's not so late at night until I find the bed, and usually I sleep well and very heavy.

I hope that the coming days will be a little easier, and that I can recover so much that I'm tough enough to try a new round of chemotherapy.

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