04 April, 2013

One last chance

One good day was all that was needed to give the chemo one more chance.
Quadrupling the Medrol dose
put a distinct shape of the face.

Thursday again and time for another round of chemotherapy. I have long thought about whether I should have any more, and I got a little extra time to think about it, since I got a week off because of Easter.

The days since the first treatment was real tough. and I thought that now I could bear no more. No one could tell me whether it was side effects or the disease itself that made me got so much worse. I also received antibiotics at the same time, so it was most likely a combination of many things.

I get better pain relief now. On Tuesday I was feeling well until the evening, when I got severe headache and threw up, and Wednesday morning I was not much better when I woke up, when I had an appointment for CT of the lungs.

The CT should rule out a blood clot in the lungs, luckily there was no such thing to be seen. Then I will not have to get Fragmin injection any more, yippee. But I did hear from someone else, that we who have advanced cancer should take Fragmin for prevention every day, I will discuss it with my doctor.

Otherwise, I have a better appetite after my dosage of Medrol is increased significantly. It also seems that it helps against both headache and nausea.

And today: a new round of chemotherapy. I decided to try one more time. I have a feeling that it will go better this time, because none of my worst pains the last week is on the list of known side effects of this chemo.

As I sat and waited for the results of blood tests, I met my oncologist, who wondered how I had been recently. He agreed that it was wise to try once more, but said that if I got the same pain as last time, I should seriously consider quitting.

Now I just hope that everything will go smoothly and that I should not get pain. I hope that I'm able to take all the treatments until the next CT, for think if it is this cure that will work.

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