27 June, 2013


Anja is back at Hospice Lovisenberg. She decided early on that this was where she would be at the end.

This time Anja got a big room. Last night our four year old slept on a mattress on the floor in her room, while her sister and mother were mostly awake. My mother, Hannah, Simen and the cousins got to sleep in the large living room.

It's called LDS Hospice Lovisenberg - Centre for relief and life assistance. Anja was admitted on Wednesday.

Now she has a PCA pump and she sleeps well when she sleeps, and is awake and clear when she does not sleep. But she sleeps and dozes off much more than before.

Anja gets a lot of care and she does not need to push her legs to the limit. She should quit walking long ago. Here she can pull the string and hands and aids are at hand.

The children and my mother are now based at our house. Because they want to. And they need to as well. But they are all wellcome at Hospice Lovisenberg.

The staff here were pleasantly surprised that all nine of us followed Anja. The children sound like kids and then some, but all they tell us is that it is as should be.

Otherwise we try to use the time as best we can. There is still life. Still time for goodbyes. Still something left of the end.

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