29 June, 2013

A daze

The world stops for a while as a life finds its going out.

Anja is still with us. We thought she was leaving Thursday night when she felt a pressure in the chest and had trouble breathing. She was frightened, but was awake and full of humor when the kids came.

The children were supposed to sleep at home that night, but the two oldest were allowed to choose. They wanted to be with their mom.

The doctors increased the amount of anesthetic and sedative drugs, and Anja were stable. It must be this thing called "critical but stable". She dozes more and more, talks less and sleeps a lot.

When Anja decided to ask for admission to Hospice Lovisenberg, she had seizures with cramps in her face and in her good arm. She was fully conscious and was able to keep up with what happened and everything that was said around her, but had no control over herself. She also had fits of laughter.

The doctors here have not seen such seizures before, but thought it was most comparable with epilepsy. Stesolid stopped the cramps, and now Anja misses her laugh attacks. "No, the entertainment here is pretty bad," she said laconically.

The waking moments with clear voice becomes rarer and shorter. We learn to understand what she says in her daze. It is mostly short messages about what she needs help with, but also practical reminders on agreements.

Today Anja "got up" and laid down in the armchair. One can Clearly see her liver quits working. Now she must also have the strongest medicines for itching. While she has eaten some watermelon and dinner the past few days, the nausea got the upper hand today.

Now, at noon, she also started hearing "plopping" noises inside her head. It irritates her cruelly. She initially thought it was messages on her iPad while I thought it was my phone. Or one of the others, it is more than enough phones, iPads and iPods here. But no one had new messages.

It's been a while since Anja was active on Facebook. She tries to read but have to give up pretty quickly. Says she can not focus. That is understandable. But she does not complain. I give her summaries of comments on our Facebooks, the emails, the blog and my twitter.

Old «Porkka» has seen its last repairs.
I must tell you about what moves her most these days: The last time she was admitted here, the ice machine was broken. She sent an email to the Cancer Society where she explained how important it was for the patients here.

Wednesday came the answer: they had found a sponsor and provided 25,000 NOK for a new machine, thanked her for the initiative, and said that they had already made ​​contact with Hospice.

Yesterday they received the letter, and the head nurse came by to thank Anja that she had managed to get it. Anja cried and said she had hoped to get to see that what she wished came true.

She has managed to get done with many things.

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