02 July, 2013

I am still here

This evening Anja had enough energy for some time with her iPad, both for reading and writing.

I sleep a lot now. But I manage to stay awake for a little while. Then we talk about everything and nothing.

I can not walk anymore. Any distance from bed is now impossible since my legs can't carry me. They use a patient lift to move me. I just have to accept it has come to this.
It is good to be in place with good helpers. I also have a catheter inserted so I don't need to rush to the bathroom all the time since I am put on strong diuretic medications.

The popping sounds in my head are still with me, but not as intence as before, and only when I am tired. The seizures and cramps have returned, they also come when I have strained myself. They're just not as strong as they were before I came here, but I am not either.

Tonight I will try sleeping on an air mattress. Hope that will be better for my sore back.

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